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Show many days and allow scrolling horizontally

Asked by Jeff
15 years ago.
I've been able to get this control to do most things that our company will need but I don't see any way to allow horizontal scrolling through the days. What we need is the ability to show a large number of days horizontally with the time vertically to allow users to see available time slot's visually.

The current implementation seems to have a visual limit of about 14 dynamically sized day columns where I think we are looking for a way to have many (> 100 or so) fixed-sized day columns. Is this possible?
Comment posted by Jeff
15 years ago.
Looks like I may have answered my own question this time. I found Demo/Test/HorizontalScroll.aspx in the trial package and it seems to do what I'm looking for. I'll just have to check to make sure it will work in resource view.
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
15 years ago.
Actually, that sample is a little bit of a workaround. One day I would like to add native horizontal scrollbar support for DayPilotCalendar - it will be able to keep both the headers on the right place while scrolling. When using this workaround you loose the hour names header (on the left side) if you scroll horizontally.
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