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Row Filtering: problem with child-resources

Asked by Daniel
7 years ago.


i´ve got a resource tree:

  • Resource "16"
  • Res. "16 A"

When using the new Feature "onRowFilter" with the filtervalue "A", the resource can not be displayed, because the parent, "16", do not have a "A" in his Name.


Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
7 years ago.

This is now fixed in build 8.0.1518. The child nodes that match the filter will be visible including their parents.

Answer posted by Daniel
7 years ago.

Stil have a Problem: i have a 3-level-resource tree.


  • res-A1
  • res-A1a

When the res-A-Group is closed, the filter _dont_ find "res-A1a".
When res-A1 is closed, the filter finds the "res-A1a".

Thanks Dan!

Comment posted by Daniel
7 years ago.

Sorry, the Format in this Forum crashed. "res-A1a" is a child of "res-A1"

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