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Customizing time header cell after binding

Asked by Anonymous
11 days ago.


I would like to customize the the time header cells by adding an icon that indicates whether a day has errors or not. I'm getting this information from the events array that is binded to the scheduler's property "events". The problem that I'm facing now, is that in the event onBeforeTimeHeaderRender this events array is not initialized yet.

So is there a way to customize the time header cells after everything is rendered?

Best regards

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
11 days ago.

If you load the events using one of the optimized methods, e.g. events.load(); or update({events: [...]}); the Scheduler will only update the events. You'll need to force a full refresh to re-render the time headers as well, e.g. = [...];
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