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Resources not showing with dynamicLoading = true

Asked by Bjørn
5 years ago.

We are currently testing to see if DayPilot can fulfill our needs for our software, but I am encountering some oddities.

I am trying to load all my resources at startup and then use dynamicLoading to load events.

My problem is that not all of the resources show up at startup. There is a void at the bottom of the scheduler where the resources should be. If I expand nodes and do some scrolling the resources are completely out of sync, and there can be double viewing and white space both at the top and bottom.

I am using:

dp.heightSpec = "Parent100Pct";
dp.dynamicLoading = true;

If I change to dynamicLoading = false, the resources are displayed correctly, but of course I then lose the ability to capture the onScroll event.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
5 years ago.

The row rendering shouldn't be affected by the event loading mode.

Is there any error in the JavaScript consode?

If you were able to modify the dynamic loading demo at to show this problem that would help a lot with the debugging.

Answer posted by Bjørn
5 years ago.

I figured out what the problem was after testing my data on the dynamic example. I had not added args.loaded() in my onScroll function. After adding that the rows are loaded correctly, but with a delay.

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