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Scheduler: Dynamic Node Loading

Asked by David Taylor
9 years ago.

I'll try to keep this simple, to start with but I'm sure I'm doing this completely wrong...

Because I can have upwards of 500 events potentially visible, I'm loading my data and resources via LoadNode(). My resource tree has 3 levels, so I determine what level I'm at and either load the next level of tree resources, or if I'm at the lowest level, query the database for my actual event data and then databind the control.

What I'm seeing is that data from previously opened nodes disappears as I expand other nodes. I expect this as I'm rebinding the control and only getting data for the node that's just been expanded.

What is the right way to handle this? I'm looking for a way to have the scheduler retain the opened-node data on the client, while fetching new data from the server only as nodes are opened for the first time.


Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
9 years ago.

The events have to be loaded in full (for all resources) - except of the dynamic loading mode (DynamicLoading="true") when the events loaded in the Scroll event handler are added to the existing events on the client side.

It might be possible to change the behavior of LoadNode this way but it would require switching to the dynamic loading mode.

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