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DaypilotMonth and div float + Changing the event size before render?

Asked by Lauwens
14 years ago.
Setting the Daypilotmonth (other controls have no problems) in a div with a float set (left or right) renders a weird layout (a single line)...
Guessing the layout inherits from the container and floats everything!

This is a real pain in the layout I was trying to use, But I understand if the layout is to hardcoded to change this...

Also in the Month View, I was Trying to make a difference between half and full days, so I have a field to check if it's the whole day or not... Instead of changing the color or the innerHTML I thought off changing the height of the event. Month.EventHeight is a writable property but the sizes don't change accordingly!
I presume the Height value is set before the Calendar render into a constant and the event heights are determined by this constant ?

Do you have another suggestion how to solve this ?

I am still trying everything out with the trials before I advise the company to buy the software, but it is certainly looking good :-)

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