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Monthly Time range selection is erratic

Asked by C. Bolton
7 years ago.

hey Dan - im upgrading from Daypilot lite (192-lite) to Daypilot pro version 2673. Ever since upgrading to the pro version the month day selection has been very erratic. Before i could drag across a couple days on the calendar, however now its like the control is trying to force the full week. If i drag on a sunday to monday, im getting sunday to saturday. Is this a feature i can turn off? My previous selection is also staying visible on the month calendar as well. These odd behaviors were without changing any configuration for the calendar in my angular controller.

I've also noticed that i can't use the google chrome inspection tools if i hover over the month calendar and right click. I'm guessing that may be intentional. Thanks for such a great tool.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
7 years ago.

This isn't the expected behavior - the day selection should work exactly the same way in both Lite and Pro versions.

Are you able to reproduce it in the online demo?

Also, the Chrome Developer Tools inspection features are not intentionally blocked. However, the right click handler prevents the default action (which is to open the browser context menu).

If you can only reproduce the problem locally, would you be able to provide the steps (and setup) to reproduce it? Then it should be no problem to fix it.

Comment posted by C. Bolton
7 years ago.

Thanks for the quick assist Dan. I was able to narrow down the root cause of the time range selection issue. It was because I had an ng-if on the daypilot-month directive. That was causing the events to not wire up correctly. Once i removed it the selections worked properly.

I'm still having issues with the clearSelection() not firing correctly. I have a angular UI bootstrap modal that launches after OnTimeRangeSelected, but no matter what i do the previous selection still shows on the month view. Do I need to call the clearSelection manually? Thanks!

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
7 years ago.

Thanks for the update.

At this moment the default behavior of the time range selection is to stay active until you explicitly call clearSelection(). This might be less convenient (you need to clear it manually) but it lets you keep the selection higlighted when users enter additional details using a modal dialog.

Let me know if it doesn't work as described (e.g. clearSelection() doesn't actually clear it).

It might also be possible to add an option to clear the selection automatically but that would make it disappear right after onTimeRangeSelect (before onTimeRangeSelected).

Answer posted by C. Bolton
7 years ago.

Thanks for the reply Dan. No issue with clearing it manually. It was just acting slightly different from the Lite version and wanted to be sure it wasn't something stupid that i did.

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