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Bubble configuration with Angular 2+

Asked by Iñigo
4 years ago.


Yesterday Dan answered a question I made about tooltips and bubbles but another question has come up. You told me:

In the latest DayPilot Pro version, the bubble is now automatically turned on (a new DayPilot.Bubble() object is assigned to "bubble" property).

But, how can I access to the bubbles configuration? I've tried setting on the configuration variable something like bubble.animation and it complains about "config.bubble" is undefined.

I have also tried doing a console.log of this.calendar.config and it only shows "my" configuration, there isn't anything about the bubble.

Thanks again, I'm almost done with the demo I'm building and I won't bother you much more ;)

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
4 years ago.

The bubble can be configured using a DayPilot.Bubble object which you assign to "bubble" property of the config.


  config: any = {
    bubble: new DayPilot.Bubble({
      animation: "fast"
    // ...

The config specifies properties that will be applied to a new DayPilot.Scheduler object - i.e. if you specify a property in the config it will use override the default value. However, you won't see the default values in the config. If you want to check the actual values you need the check the DayPilot.Scheduler object which is accessible using "control" property of DayPilotSchedulerComponent Angular component:

import {Component, ViewChild} from '@angular/core';
import {DayPilotSchedulerComponent} from "daypilot-pro-angular";

  selector: 'angular-scheduler-example',
  template: `<daypilot-scheduler #scheduler1></daypilot-scheduler>`
export class AppComponent {

  scheduler: DayPilotSchedulerComponent;

  logBubble() {
    console.log(this.scheduler.control.bubble);  // the actual bubble object


Let me know if there is any problem.

Comment posted by Iñigo
4 years ago.


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