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Hourly rental and next reservation times

Asked by John
3 years ago.

If a one hour time is created can you set the next available time to include a 5 minute clean time?

Each time is 60m plus 5 cleaning ... so ...
Example at 4:00pm client A starts time and has 60 minutes finished at 5:00pm
and the next client wants to book at 4:30 can the program tell us the next start time is 5:05pm ?


Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
3 years ago.

When event overlap protection is enabled ( the Scheduler will block times with existing events.

If you want to use this mechanism to block 5 minutes after an existing event you need to extend the event time on the server side to make the event longer or insert a special "cleanup" event after the main one.

Comment posted by John
3 years ago.

Thank you.. so then it will be in service for the 60 min plus the clean “Cleanup” and that will allow for the staff to know the next time that room will be available for pre paid ?

Also im looking to purchase this program together with a POS sale system if anyone who has experience with POS and this Hotel time reservation system and wants to talk about providing the program and configuration for our spa rental please contact me at thank you

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