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Multirange selecting in react disapears when you set the state of the component

Asked by Rik
4 years ago.

In react when you change a component state it will refresh the render. Normally you pass the state to the childcomponents but I can't find the correct method to do so for multi time range selecting. I tried with calling the selectTimeRange method but that method can only handle one timerange.

Basically I need to be able to pass the current selection as a property or I need to be able to set multiple timeranges with timeRangeSelect.

Or is there a other solution?

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
4 years ago.

At this moment the time range selection is intermittent (it's not part of the state) and will get cleared during an update (which happens when the component state is changed).

Currently, the selectTimeRange() method only supports a single time range selection.

I'm checking the options - I'll keep you updated.

Comment posted by Rik
4 years ago.

Thank you for looking into it, can you give me an estimate for how long this is going to take?

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