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new DayPilotScheduler 5.0 in Placeholder

Asked by Maxime
13 years ago.


I was looking forward this version, 5.0, which is awesome by the way.

However, I found a bug when I place the DayPilotScheduler in a Placeholder.

It seems that the component loads, but we only see the left part of it (the left header).

With version 4.9, I was able to dynamically load the component to a placeholder. What changed ?

I tried with IE and firefox. Both got the bug. Any ideas ?



Comment posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.

I've tried a simple page with DayPilotScheduler inside a Placeholder (not added dynamically, though). It seems to work. I will try


  • Do you use Width specified in percent?
  • Does it work when you put the control inside the Placeholder statically?

The layout of the previous versions was based on a <table> - the main table had four cells (two columns, two rows), each containing one element (the upper-left corner, time header, resources header, and the main area). The width of the right column was not specified (so it filled the necessary space).

This didn't work for DayPilotScheduler with width specified in percent (rather than pixels) in Safari 3, Google Chrome, and Firefox 3. That's why I had to switch to a different layout, based on <div> elements (with float:left specified for the left column). The drawback is that the <div> layout doesn't work if you place the control inside a table with a column that has no width specified.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.
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