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How can I get the line of event?

Asked by wangjiefei
1 month ago.

I knew same Row's events line number/order are calculated by DayPilot,
I want to save the line number/order in DB.
How can I get the these information of Events in same Row.

for example, How can I get the line number or sort of Event1 and Event2 。

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
1 month ago.

I do not recommend storing individual line numbers in the database. A fixed line number should only be used for selected events that you want to display in a specific position, out of the standard order. If you specify it for all events, it require a lot of manual work to maintain consistency of the Scheduler view.

See also:

If you want to apply custom order, I recommend using the event sorting feature that is described here:

The values used in the "sort" array will be used to arrange events in the specified order, while ensuring that they don't overlap.

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