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Selection problem with DayPilotCalendar cell.

Asked by Chris
13 years ago.


When using the dayPilot calendar control, the bug is also in the demo version, when I select an empty cell, and whether i then resize an existing event, or just right-click on my selected cell and chose "clean selection" / "create event" (in callback or javascript), if then i try to re-select that same cell, i just can't. i have to select any other cell, then i can -reselect my previous cell.

Steps to reproduct: (

1. Select empty cell.
2. Right-click clean selection
3. Re-select that same cell (the cell won't be selected).
4. Select any other empty cell.
5. You can then re-select the previous cell.

Step 2 can be change to any other action (create an event, resize another event....), step 3 to 5 are still the same.

I'm using either IE 7 and FF 2/3 and the bug is still there.

Thank you!

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