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Asked by Harika
13 years ago.

Hi Dan

Great of u Dan. U done a very good job nd thanks for that

and coming to my problem, I am using your DayPilot Calender free edition. For my application i need to fire server side events while the user is clicking on event. And I want to display all the data of that particular event in a modal popup so that the user can edit the details.

For raising the serverside events I used in aspx page "EventHandling = PostBack" and "OnEventClick=DaypilotCalendar1_EventClick" and is .cs page I took one label and i jst assigning the pk value to that.

while debugging everything is good but the result is none. I am not understanding this, please help me Dan

Thanks & Regds,


Comment posted by Harika
13 years ago.

Hi Dan,

I solved my problem to some extent. But now i want to open a ajaxmodal popup from server side on event clicking event. But iam unable to open the modal pop up from the server side.

thanks & regds,


Answer posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.

Download the trial of the Pro version. In the DemoSQL directory, there is a working example of the ModalPopupExtender for editing the events. You just need to adjust it a little bit (event names, etc.) to get it working with the Lite version.

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