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drag drop between cals no longer works (5.6 > 5.8) & month drag when disabled

Asked by Anonymous
12 years ago.

As day pilot 5.8 finally fixs 2 showstopper bugs in 5.7 sp, I decided to update to 5.8 as there were a few features in 5.7/5.8 which I wanted to use for a long time, however there seems to be a new bug introduced in 5.8 which did not exist in 5.6.

Take 2 day pilot calendars, both have the same start and end times set.
On 5.6 as long as both have the same start/end time, it was possible to move an event between calendars.
In 5.8 when you try to drag an event off the top of the calendar the event reappeared at the bottom of the original calendar stopping it being moved between them.

A 2nd less serious issue that Ive also found (dont know if this is new in 5.8) is that the day pilot month control still allows you to drag an event when the following is set

DayPilotMonth1.EventMoveHandling = UserActionHandling.Disabled

It dosent actial trigger any code, but it appears to the user that it could be moved (see the drag shadow).
Is their a way to stop this?

Comment posted by Anonymous
12 years ago.

any updates?

Comment posted by Anonymous
12 years ago.

The last useable version of dp was 5.6 released on the 22 Jun (almost 9 months ago)
Various issues are raised on the forums, with many having no answers given.

It got to the point where I need to conceder alternatives such as Telerik.
Is there any update on this issue or is looking at alternatives my only choice?

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
12 years ago.

The issue #2 (DayPilotMonth.EventMoveHandling="Disabled") is fixed in the the current sandbox build (since 5.8.1976).

The drag&drop between controls is a bit more complicated. The possibility of dragging an event between two calendar controls was in fact a side-effect (it was not designed, it simply worked). 5.7 release introduced a major internal rewrite which accidentaly broken this functionality.

This feature is already in the wishlist. I can't tell now how fast it can be implemented but I will give it a higher priority.

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