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Hotell Room

Dear Support, I have already a predefined database, when I'm trying to load the event from my DB the scheduler is populated, but instead of the guest name I retrieve the guest name Id. I tried to cha...

double click on cell areas results in two invocations

I defined an area in scheduler cells and a javascript handler for the click event. If I double click on the cell area the javascript handler is called twice, once for the first click, and once for th...

Scroll to hour on button click

Answered: Changing the ScrollPositionHour value would only work on the server side, during the initial page load or during a PostBack. If you want to change the scrollbar position on the client side you'll nee...

Highlighting dates in scheduler

Answered: In the Scheduler, you can use onBeforeCellRender to highlight selected cells. In that event handler, you can use to get a list of events that overlap with the cell. See also: https...

forcing mousedown after calling scheduler's selectTimeRange method

Answered: This is probably a follow up on this question: You should be able to use onGridMouseDown, rectangleSelectHandling an...

About DayPilot library

Answered: There are two ASP.NET versions: DayPilot Lite which is open-source: DayPilot Pro which is commercial and includes advanced features: https://aspnet.daypilot.o...

Business Begins/Ends

Answered: Yes, it is possible using onBeforeCellRender: This will change the status of the cell and the associated background color but it will n...

Showing event versions in the same 'row'

Answered: You can do this by creating a single version (with a transparent background) and adding the two active areas inside: onBeforeEventRender: function(args) { = [ { ...

DayPilot parse date with shortened year notation gives an error

Answered: It was intentionally not implemented in DayPilot.Date.parse() because of the ambiguity (and the docs was not correct - it was only supported in toString()). Anyway, it's now supported in the latest s...

rowHeaderColumnResizedHandling - What event is triggered?

Answered: It fires onRowHeaderColumnResized event:

time header

Answered: You can use a special frozen row at the top which will let you select a time range and expand it to the full column. Please see the following tutorial:

XSS Cross Site Scripting issue

Answered: DayPilot lets you specify raw HTML in many places to allow adding rich content and defining your own functionality. You need to make sure that any user-entered data that you use when adding custom HT...

How to set cell width per column?

Answered: The Scheduler lets you define column widths if you use a custom timeline: The Calendar and Month components don't allow specifying individual columns widt...

Drag and Drop event from one calendar to another

Answered: Unfortunately, drag and drop between components is not supported by the Calendar (only by the Scheduler).

Extending the separator to the timeheaders

Answered: You shouldn't add borders to the main time header div (.scheduler_default_timeheader_cell) because it changes its dimensions (it uses the default "box-sizing: content-box" style). The borders are def...

How can i add image in in second row or in first row?

Answered: You can use onBeforeRowHeaderRender event to insert custom HTML and/or active areas:

Day pilot dragdrop insert 2 rows. (angular)

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2020.3.4657). Please let me know if the problem persists.

Ignoring left click behaviour for events

Answered: There is an event that lets you override the standard mouse behavior but it works on the grid layer only (below events): If these events a...

Drag and Drop issue on second time

I have dragged/drop an event first time after page load and it works fine but when the event is dragged/dropped second time then it gives me an error "Cannot read property ja of null". When i refresh...

Change locale from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy

How can the date format be changed from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy or any other locale using the DayPilotDatePicker control with the DayPilotCalendar control in WebForms?

Set event in multiple days

Answered: I recommend checking the date values. The Scheduler doesn't shorten events and the start and and date/time will correspond to the calculated timeline position. You can see that multi-day events are d...

How can add search on second row or child row?

Answered: The rule that determines which rows will be displayed when a row filter is applied is implemented in onRowFilter event handler. You'll need to extend it to include text of the additional rows as well...

How to show results for half an hour in timeHeaders

Answered: Please see this grouping option: groupBy: "Cell"

Changing scheduler settings in CSS

Answered: You need to use more specific selectors, e.g. #dp .scheduler_default_matrix_vertical_line, #dp .scheduler_default_matrix_horizontal_line { background-color: #000000; } or add "!important"...

Max Width for rowHeaderWidthAutoFit

It would be great, if a maximum width setting for rowHeaderWidthAutoFit could be implemented. Should be trivial to implement in _autoRowHeaderWidth but I did not want to patch it to stay with the sta...

Using Daypilot vue sample with vue v3 did not work.

Answered: The Vue 3 version of DayPilot is in the works, please hold on.

Delete events based on ids stored in an array

Answered: array.forEach(function(id) {; });

Click Event/Active Areas not working properly with touch screens

Answered: On touch devices, the active areas with visibility: "Hover" won't be displayed as there is no hover event. In some edge cases, the mobile browsers will fire mousemove event which is used to detect th...

How to Hide Context Menu Item

Answered: You can do this in onShow event handler - it's called before the menu is displayed and you can use it to modify the context menu items. You can find an example here:

Resource label vertical alignment on concurrent event

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. You can modify the CSS and show the row header title at the top of the cell (the middle position may not work well for large heights).
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