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Blazor Version?

I used your calendar control a few years back and recently I started a new project using .Net Core 3.0 and Blazor pages. Is there a plan to release a Blazor version? I did check NuGet but the only ve...

Auto Refresh Timer

Is it possible to show how long is left on the auto refresh timer. If so, can you customise it to show Green numbers = more than 10 secs remaining Red numbers = less than 10 secs remaining. If not, i...

Looking for a way to update the viewport without having to scroll after render in DayPilot Scheduler

Answered: You can take a look at the following tutorial: It's an Angular sample that uses the built-in Scheduler zoom support which retains the scrollbar ...

What happens on onEventClick

Answered: The args object of onEventClick event handler stores a number of parameters that are read from the click event handler (such as the ctrl/shift key status). Unfortunately, the onClick handler of the c...

Bubble is positioned incorrectly (Angular 2+)

Hi I added dynamic tooltip in daypilot event calendar but the popover is seems to be misplaced. Please have a look at screenshot attached

DAYPILOT HTML5 Scheduler - Show Only Empty rooms

Answered: Hi Sharon, This is a bit more complex scenario that can't be implemented using a simple snippet. Please take a look at the following tutorial:


Answered: You can get the NPM installation command from Just select "Vue" and "NPM" in the toolbar:

DAYPILOT HTML5 Scheduler - Filter Row (dp.onRowFilter) Conflict

Answered: In that case you need to extend the filter object to include both parameters. Let's have this filter form (HTML): <div class="space"> Filter: <input id="filter" /> <a href="#" id="clear">Clear...

n.movingShadow.calendar is null

When I use the DayPilot.Scheduler.onEventMove function with the args.async option and the Ajax response fails (server error) there is an issue with an other move action "n.movingShadow.calendar is nu...

Loading calendar of other user

Answered: It's possible to access a shared calendar like this:

"'The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.'"

Answered: You should check the credentials used to authorize the user. See also this discussion:

Filter by Group

Answered: Yes, this is possible: dp.onRowFilter = function(args) { if ( === -1) { args.visible = false; } var parent = ar...

Weekday header on calendar not resizing

Answered: The DOM structure of the Calendar has changed in 2019.2.3880 ( in order to support browser zoom levels. That requires the head...

get all events from resource calendar

Answered: It's now available in the latest sandbox build (2019.4.4058): Example: var col = dp.columns.find("2019-10-07"); // DayPilot.Column object var events = col...

db not working

Answered: The database will be created and initialized automatically - see also the _db_mysql.php script for details. Just make sure that _db.php points to the mysql backend (and not sqlite). Also, check that ...

change doctor name and add doctor

Answered: Management of the doctors is not included in the project - in order to keep it simple. 1. You can add traditional form-based web interface to edit the doctors table. 2. You can extend the manager's i...

Is it possible to make paging in DayPilot scheduler

Answered: There are two options: 1. You can limit the current view using StartDate and Days properties and switch to the next/previous "page" using custom buttons:

Snap off the grid

Answered: The real-time onTimeRangeSelecting/onEventMoving/onEventResizing event handlers let you adjust the start/end of the current drag&drop target according to your needs. These events can be used to snap ...

How to configure the API key

Answered: You need to activate the React package in the customer area ( You'll be able to get a npm installation link there as well.

Change width of drag handler when moving rows

Answered: The drag handle width can be set now using rowDragHandleWidth property (since build 2019.3.4044). The default value is 10 (pixels). It will be included in the next official release which is scheduled...

Keep menu item open on click when it has child items

Answered: The behavior is now updated in the latest sandbox build (2019.3.4049) - clicking an item with children will not close the context menu anymore.

Update Navigator Visible Month

Answered: It should work automatically this way. If the new date is outside of the currently visible range it will switch to the target month. Maybe this is an edge case - would you be able to create an exampl...

Navigator - Size

Answered: In version 2019.2.3871 the default navigator cell size has changed from 20x20 pixels to 30x30 pixels: You can revert to the or...

Getting Error "The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden."

Answered: It's not clear where this error message comes from (from your server or the Exchange server). However, it looks like your server so I recommend checking the permissions in the web server configuratio...

Add possibility to group resources

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. However, it may appear in one of the future versions.

onScroll callback doesn't work

Answered: The onScroll event is only fired if dynamic event loading is enabled ( You can hook the "scroll" event directly like this: dp.nav.scroll.a...

How do I can drag and prop some react component on the scheduler ?

I saw examples for angular and angular.js but we don't have it for react.js library

e.commit() is not implemented

Answered: Never mind! It's my own problem - I passed wrong argument to events.update().

External drag and drop issue

Answered: Do you mean the appearance of the target position indicator ("shadow")? It looks like you are using custom CSS. However, the dimensions of the shadow are fixed and you need to respect them when setti...

DP Scheduler: Hiding versions using onBeforeEventRender

I'm using onBeforeEventRender to modify underlying event data before it is rendered. Everything is working correctly except for this... While I can modify the data surrounding versions, the version i...
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