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Little issue with css and areas

Hi, I'm using the following code in the onBeforeEventRender: if (data.layer === 7) { args.e.cssClass = `${args.e.cssClass} fas fa-times`; } if (!

Red color for the Message

Answered: It's possible to change the background color using CSS. 1. You can create a custom theme: 2. You can override the background color specified using the def...

How to allow to move events from outside and to outside, but not within the scheduler?

Hi, Is there a way to prevent events moving within the schedule but allow to move from external div and into external div? Thanks in advance

Can cell widths be set differently for business/non-business times?

Answered: Hi David, That's correct - the manual timeline can't be use in combination with the infinite scrolling. Since version 2019.3.3947, you can use onIncludeTimeCell to modify the cell width during automa...

How to be able to select a row and also have double click working?

Answered: The row double click is not enabled by default. If you enable it using rowDoubleClickHandling = "Enabled" you'll be able to use both single and double click event handlers:

Create and Assign event-specific contextMenus

Answered: The docs is now updated with an example that shows how to assign an event-specific menu using onBeforeEventRender: Please let me know if there i...

No next cell found - error thrown

Please advise on the following error: I have two Daypilot timesheets based on with the following settings: eventHeight: 60, heightSpec : 'Max', height: 350, cellWidthSpec: 'Auto', cellWidthMin: '25',...

Show total hours in Timesheet

Answered: You might be able to display it in the upper-left corner (that's the only free space):

How to add button in daypilot scheduler

Answered: Please see the following tutorial - it shows how to add a button to the row header using active areas:

Multiple Schedulers Scroll Lock

Answered: Yes, but you need to do it on the client side: // scrollbar synchronization $(document).ready(function() { $(dp.nav.scroll).scroll(function() { dp2.nav.scroll.scrollL...

Remove argument in the onScroll event for dynamic loading doesn't do anything.

When using the dynamic loading feature I am loading events by their associated resource. I want to add and remove events depending on what resource is visible. When attempting to remove, I was passin...

Using id from event in modal dialog

Answered: You should be able to pass the event id to the modal dialog like this: <DayPilot:DayPilotScheduler ID="DayPilotScheduler1" runat="server" EventClickHandling="JavaScript" EventClickJavaScript="eventCl...

Preventing move after answering cancel in the modal dialog

Answered: My colleague found a way: if (data.masterbook > 0) { args.async = true; // Moving booking series should be handled differently const { Modal } =...

Using cellDuration with business hours

Answered: The cells defined using cellDuration (or other scale types as well) will always start at 00:00 and the start won't be affected by the businessBeginsHour property. In fact, businessBeginsHour works be...

DayPilotScheduler and BeforeEventRender

Answered: This is correct, just make sure that BeforeEventRenderEventArgs is imported from the correct namespace (DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.Scheduler). You can also specify it explicitly: protected void DayPilo...

Client and Backend version mismatch

Answered: Hi Jozsef, Thanks for reporting the issue! It's fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2019.3.5988).

Scheduler Event - Before the current date

Answered: Yes, you can mark the cells in the past as disabled:

Day specific start and end time

My question is regarding this product - When I am in the week view, can I set start and end times that is specific to a day of th...

Regarding the "Demo" text

Answered: Yes, this is a trial version. The trial period is 60 days. If you want to use it after the trial period you need to purchase a license:

How can I make item not draggable

Answered: Never mind, solved it with the following: for (let i = 0; i < this.bookings.length; i++) { const drag = document.getElementById(`clipboardBooking${i}`); if (drag) ...

Linked events assigned on one resource overlapping

Answered: Hi Vane, Unfortunately there is no built-in way to do this using a simple switch. There are couple of options that may help, depending on your scenario: 1. You can define custom sort order for overla...

Drag en drop Events wittout overlap in an different Timeline

Answered: To display the customized timeline it's necessary to call loadTimeline() before init(). In the attached project, you can find this call on line 154 (index.php). If the model used in the tutorial does...

How to display event's text while moving the event?

Answered: You can set the inner HTML of the target position indicator using onEventMoving event handler - just set args.html as needed:

Hide bubble on outside click of calendar (Angular 6)

I'm showing bubble on click of event and I set hideAfter property to '0'. It works pretty well, but the bubble popover do not hide if I click outside of daypilot calendar. Any help is appreciated.

DayPilot.Modal.alert Theme is not working

Answered: Have you tried the attached project? It seems to work fine. You may want to check that the CSS import works correctly and that you are using the latest DayPilot.Modal version from https://code.daypil...

Week Calendar. How to have events of arbitrary length

Answered: In the Lite (open-source) version this is not supported but in the Pro version you can set the behavior using useEventBoxes property. Please see more here:

EventClickHandling with JavaScript

Answered: I solved the Problem. The script was saved in the cache, so I just had to delete it. Now it works fine.

Add popover on click of event on schedule calendar (JS / Angular 2+)

Answered: Please see the following tutorial that explains how to display a bubble with custom content (defined as static HTML, dynamic HTML loaded from the server, and as an Angular component): https://code.da...

Can anybody explain me how to show bubble in daypilot calendar Angular 6+

Answered: Please see the answer here:

Add a new panel to be able to drop events to

Answered: Yes, it's been in the queue for some time already. Before it's implemented, the following approach might work: Instead of dragging the whole event, you can insert a custom element into the event that...
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