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Getting "No next cell found" error

I have two schedulers on my page, one for a Queue. When I try an event from the Queue, as soon as it goes over the Scheduler, it throws this error in the this._getBusinessDuration function in this co...

Event tap and hold Doesn't work .

Event tap and hold Doesn't work using Event Calendar when columnWidthSpec is set to "Fixed". ver. 2020.4.4701 (trial) works correctly. ver. 2021.2.4939 (product) is not work. ver. 2022.2.5286 (trial)...

how i can change the slots to be 15 min replace of 60 min ?

Answered: You'll need to change the "SlotDurationMinutes" value in the Timeline class. using Project.Models; namespace Project.Service { public class Timeline { public static int Slo...

Progress feature request: parent resouce in front of child resources

Answered: Hi Santor, It's in the works. Unless there is some problem, it will be included in the next release (June 1, 2022).

How to disable cells in monthly calendar

Answered: Since version 2022.2.5287 (now available in the sandbox), you can disable selected cells using onBeforeCellRender event handler:

Scheduler - Add text at the bottom of a day

Answered: Yes, you can add it using onBeforeCellRender. Try something like this: onBeforeCellRender: args => { args.cell.areas = [ { left: 0, right: 0, bottom: 0, text: "...

Scheduler - How to show tooltip on hover over active area

Answered: This syntax is correct and it seems to work fine. However, the screenshot doesn't correspond to the sample code - "left: 0, right: 0, top: 0, bottom: 0" will fill the whole cell. So you might want to...

Where do the args of the onBeforeTimeHeaderRender method come from?

Hi everyone, I'm working on a project that loads events dynamically, also using the onScroll method. In addition to this there is a zoom that allows, depending on the selected level, to view the peri...

Scheduler: New line is inserted after pressing Enter twice

Answered: It looks like the new event is not focused properly after it is created. The focus remains on the background grid cell. I recommend checking the onTimeRangeSelected handler - make sure that the new e...

DayPilot default css styles

Answered: You can generate a custom theme using the Theme Designer: The default settings will generate a theme that corresponds to the built-in theme. You can include the generated...

Loading events from multiple sources (onto Scheduler)

Answered: You need to make two requests manually and merge the results into a single array. The following example uses two parallel requests, waits until both return a result and update the Scheduler: const ...

Several Schedular RowHeader Bugs on Mobile

Answered: 1. Unfortunately, resizing the row headers is not supported on touch devices at the moment - the splitter is too narrow to support convenient control using touch gestures. 2+3. These issues are fixed...

How to add bubble to event group?

Answered: You can enable a bubble for event groups using the groupBubble property: There are two ways to specify the bubble content: 1. You can use onBe...

php hotel room booking

Answered: You can find the licensing options at the Buy page:

Setting heightSpec: "BusinessHoursNoScroll" resets hours shown on grid

Answered: The support for heightSpec: "BusinessHoursNoScroll" is now implemented in the latest sandbox build and it will be available in the next release.

onScroll gets fired multiple times, if height if height of .fs_scrollable is changing on dynamicLoading

Answered: At this moment, the Scheduler doesn't debounce onScroll calls that are invoked as a result of the viewport size change. However, this will only happen if you use dynamic height (such as heightSpec: "...

How to select a date range dynamically and highlight it?

Answered: To set the initial date selection, please use the select() method in ngAfterViewInit(): When you add the selectionStart, selectionEnd properties to...

Is it possible to use the onRowCreate method in each resources group with childrens to add new rows dynamically?

Answered: At this moment, it's only possible to use the "new row" feature to add rows to the top level. In order to add children, you can use a context menu as demonstrated in this tutorial: https://code.daypi...

Wrong behaviour when navigating using keyboard API after entering inline editing mode

Answered: The event updates are performed asynchronously so that all updates performed in the same code segment can be merged and performed at once. That applies to the default edit action (including onEventEd...

how to prevent the daypilot modal from closing when clicked outside?

Answered: You can do it using onClose event handler: onClose: args => { if (args.backgroundClick) { args.preventDefault(); } }

Force resource column of two schedulers on the same page to have the same width

Answered: You'll need to turn off the "row header width auto-fit" feature (it adjusts the column width dynamically based on content):

Scheduler - Keyboard API causes an error when changing resources and events

Answered: In the latest sandbox build (2022.2.5266), the Scheduler will try to refocus the same target (cell based on start and resource, event based on ID) after update. If the target isn't available in the u...

React component inside cells

Answered: It's in the works - it will be possible to add custom React components to cells in the upcoming release.

Changing cellWidth moves the rowHeaderColumns to the most left

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2022.1.5262). Please let me know if there is any problem.

How can I make scheduler scrollable in mobile?

Answered: I made a few changes and Now it's working fine.

Start rectangle selection on event

Answered: At this moment, this is not supported. The mousedown on event will trigger event moving, unless you hold the Shift key.

How can I display shorten name of the Week?

Answered: The timeHeaders property is only applicable to the Scheduler component. In the Calendar component, you can change the date format using headerDateFormat property:

Can't use scheduler with daypilot lite javascript

Answered: Unfortunately, the Scheduler component is not included in DayPilot Lite for JavaScript. See also the feature matrix here:

daypilot print() Chrome not working

Answered: Workaround found. By creating a fake (hidden) iFrame and exporting the daypilot calendar to an image, you can place the image in the iframe and print the iframe. Like so: $("#print-button").click(fun...

JSON error in file: daypilot-all.min.js

Answered: This happens if the PHP backend returns an error instead of a JSON response. I recommend checking the backend HTTP request using browser developer tools. The response will contain an error message wh...
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