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Keyboard API: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'keyboard')

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.4.5158). Could you please give it a try?

While printing Scheduler I'm getting text color error.

Answered: The Scheduler tries to read the actual event styles but it does it using a standard event (and not for every item). If you apply custom text color (and other properties) using a CSS class it won't be...

How to center vertically active areas

Answered: In order to center the icon vertically, you need to: 1. Specify the vertical position using "top" and "bottom" properties (use the same values). 2. Center the content using "display: flex". It could ...

Best way to redraw scheduler after height change

Answered: If you use heightSpec: "Parent100Pct" the Scheduler will use the available space, i.e. 100% of the parent element. It requires that the parent element height is set properly (either using height or a...

Bubble doesn't show and onClick event isn't fired in onBeforeCellRender

Answered: The onClick handler seems to work fine. Areas with action: "Bubble" were not supported in Scheduler cells until now - but it should be enabled in the latest sandbox build (2021.4.5153). Please let me...

when change

Answered: I recommend following the Angular Scheduler Zoom tutorial which includes a working Angular project where everything works fine: In particular, y...

How can I add textbox or search on Contextmenu?

Answered: Unfortunately, the context menu doesn't support a search box or custom elements. To select a user from a long list you can use a dialog created using DayPilot Moal which supports a searchable list: ...

How to change the displayed end date of selected range

Answered: By default, the Scheduler works with exact date points. The end of such selection is "2021-12-10T00:00:00" which results in "Dezember 10, 2021" in the label. This allows the same logic to be applied ...

Don't plan outside business hours

Answered: With the Scheduler component, it is possible. Please take a look at the following tutorial: Please let me k...

How to remove background-color on :hover at daypilot_rowheader_inner div?

Answered: You can remove the crosshair highlighting from the first row header column like this: <style> .scheduler_default_rowheader:not(.scheduler_default_rowheadercol) .scheduler_default_crosshair_left ...

How to debounce links rendering

Answered: At this moment, the links are not rendered progressively, but they are rendered all at once. We're checking if there is a way to render them in sync with the events. That would make more sense.

Missing typing in DayPilot.GanttPropsAndEvents

Answered: Hi Hicham, This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.4.5152). Thanks for reporting the issue!

Scheduler js Field Customize

Answered: Hi Martin, In the JavaScript version, it's not possible to change the mapping. But you can transform your object easily like this: const myEvents = [ /* ... */ ]; const events = => ...

How to display an icon on top of a cell filled with events when hovering on it

Answered: You can't display the icon on top of the events but you can adjust the cell margins to make space for the icon. In the Scheduler, you can use rowMarginBottom or rowMarginTop:

how to export cornerHtml text value ?

Answered: The corner content is now included in the exported image (since build 2021.4.5145). By default, the corner will display the text specified using cornerText property:

Adding Link Button to Cell of Calendar & Scheduler Component

Answered: Please take a look at the following tutorial:

Is clearSelection available?

Answered: Yes, the clearSelection() client-side method is available in the ASP.NET WebForms version as well. You can find an example in the main Scheduler demo: The ...

Spacing on right of events

Answered: You can set the margin width using the columnMarginRight property: dp.columnMarginRight = 0;

Show an icon when hovering a cell with crosshair on

Answered: The full crosshair (crosshairType = "Full") is displayed above the cells and masks access to them. So unfortunately, it's not possible to combine the full crosshair with hover styles for cells. I rec...

Week numbers at 2021 -> 2022 transition

Answered: Hi David, At this moment, the week number is calculated from the first date of the week. That results in week #53 for the transitional week. It's not always possible to provide a default behavior tha...

How to scroll to "currenttime" cell on start

Answered: The Calendar should scroll to the first business hour (businessBeginsHour) by default. If you want to scroll to a different hour, you can use scrollToHour() method:

How to hide resources without events

Answered: Please take a look at the following tutorial:

Scheduler fromStringSortable throwing exceptions

Answered: Thanks! That helped to identify the performance issue. It should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.4.5128, see for the Angular version). The constructor used to...

DayPilot Block specific resource or time

Answered: Yes, you can use BeforeCellRender event to mark cells as disabled. That will prevent all drag and drop operations:

DayPilotScheduler change date , Incorrect time!

Answered: Now that the problem is solved´╝Ü value-format="yyyy-MM-dd"

Day-pilot Calendar - Event Link Feature

Answered: Unfortunately, the event links are only available in the Scheduler component at the moment.

Move per 15 minutes

Answered: Yes, it is possible. Please take a look at the following tutorial: Just remember that the smallest possible step is one pi...

How to add search on child row?

Answered: The args.row property holds a DayPilot.Row object and you can access the original resource data object (from resources[] array) using "data" property:

Resize shadow doesn't match event time

Answered: You'd need to turn off the "snap to grid" feature ( to prevent this behavior: dp.snapToGrid = false;

Move events on drag with blocks of 12 hours

Answered: Yes, please take a look at the following tutorial: Another option would be to change the cell duration to 12 hours using t...
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