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Navigator for both dayPilotMonth and DayPilotCalendar

Hi, in a aspx web form page I need to control dpmonth and dpcalendar with an unique daypnavigator control. I've tried to change at runtime the BoundDayPilotID navigator properties but it seems doesn'...


Can you please share database script for help?

e.FontColor doesn't work in ASP.NET DayPilotCalendar

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2018.2.3649):

Angular CLI - Module build failed: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Answered: I've tested a clean new project generated using Angular CLI 1.7.4 and it works fine. After adding DayPilot Pro 8.4.3056 npm install

AllowEventOverlap for specific resources

Answered: Just in case anybody stumbles over this problem or wants to achieve something similar I found this page ( very helpful. You can basicall...

Event Drag Shadow displaying in wrong Resource Column

Answered: Thanks Dan! We have found the issue. There was a hidden "body { zoom: 80% }" in one of the libraries we used. Removing this solved the problem, and now we can make the correct changes to make everyth...

Disable event overlap

Answered: The Scheduler can prevents overlap during drag and drop operations ( However, if you need to check the validity of the input values in a modal dial...

Can't drag events when a cell is disabled

When I disable a cell and try to drag an event that starts (or ends) outside the current view to another enabled cell, I get the above error on console. Nothing happens after it. ERROR TypeError: Can...

Update multiple Event to server in loop

Answered: If you have 300 events in events.list this code will fire 300 HTTP requests which will complete in more or less random order. In the success callback, you are requesting a full update() - the update ...

Move event

Answered: Please ignore this question. I have found the issue, there is something wrong with my loadEvent function. The system requires array of objects(something likes [{123},{124}]), however I sent array of ...

addClass for cell?

Answered: You can use DayPilot.Util.addClassToString() helper method: args.cell.cssClass = DayPilot.Util.addClassToString(args.cell.cssClass, "my-class"); This will handle the spaces and also check if "my-...

Daypilot scheduler 2018.1.3203. showNonBusiness false still shows weekends

Answered: This behavior was caused by a bug. It's fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2018.2.3214): Please let me know if the problem persists.

Event Calendar

Answered: Have you checked the docs?

Keep expanded/Collapsed state after a postback Daypilot Gantt

Answered: If you set StoreTasksInViewState="true" the current state of the whole task hierarchy will be saved in the ViewState and it will be available on the server side during PostBacks.

DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET Core

Answered: Yes, the special ASP.NET Core version of DayPilot is on hold at the moment. I recommend using the JavaScript version instead - it provides greater flexibility and control than the integrated server-s...

Seaparator in each Saturday?

Answered: Each separator has to be entered as a special item in the separators array. I recommend using a loop to generate it for all Saturdays in the selected date range.

calendar ScrollPosition

i have a calendar with "days" view configured it shows all days of a daterange of 2 months (ca 62 days) dp.days =7 (because i only wanna see 7 days and scroll horizontally to the rest of the days) ho...

Create Event half way through the day

Answered: At this moment the time range selection only works for whole steps (the snap-to-grid option doesn't apply here - However, you can use smaller cells ...

Load blocked cells via ajax?

Answered: You can store your period data in resources[] or in a global array and use onBeforeCellRender to check overlaps with the current cell. There is an Angular tutorial that shows how to do that - it's wr...

the patient interface doesnt allows entries or shows available slots

im running it on local server(wamp) manager can set schedule but the doctor or patient can not enter the data into the scheduled slots even after clicking on them any suggestions? i have uploaded ind...

Issue with Duplicate rows in gantt daypilot scheduler

Answered: It looks like your SQL select produces two rows for every item. Have you tried checking the data set? There are a couple of things to review: 1. Do you intend to display multiple items per row? Then ...

Gantt - Error: 'Bubble support is not implmented yet.'

Answered: This is a bug of the latest release (2018.1.5927). It's fixed now in version 2018.1.5936:

Get the RoomId and create a new event for Day Pilot Scheduler

Answered: Please take a look at this docs topic: The resource id is available in the TimeRangeSelected event handler (e.Resource on the server side, "resource...

Angular 5 Scheduler Event cssClass

Answered: You need to target ":host ::ng-deep" to the CSS selector: styles: [' :host ::ng-deep .test { font-weight: bold; } '], This style will be translated to something like this: [_nghost-c1] .test {...

Gantt graph appearance height

Answered: You can use dp.heightSpec = "Parent100Pct" to set the Gantt height to 100% of the parent element. Just make sure that the parent height is set explicitly (either using "height" style or using "top"/"...

Show bootstrap delete icon on the Event when hover.

Answered: First, you need to disable the built-in icon by removing eventDeleteHandling: "Update" from the config. Then you can add your own icon using an active area. See also:


Hello, what can I do? everything seems to be ok but I do not know what I touched because I cannot edit an appointment as a doctor. How can I make it possible to edit an appointment after a patient ha...

TimeRangeDoubleClickJavaScript doesn't work anymore in Calendar

Answered: This problem is now fixed in the latest sandbox build (2018.1.3646): The fix will be included in the next release.


How can I connect it to database? Thanks


Can't edit the appointment from the doctor view.
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