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Calendar Control + Business hours No Scroll

Asked by Drizzim
12 years ago.

I have set the calander control to have a 7am start time and a 7pm end time while setting heightspec = BusinessHoursNOScroll.

When i book an event the event box that is shown on the calendar after booking is 7hours down from when i booked it (the start time down from when i booked it)

so for example if ibook an hour 10am-11am it will show on the control under the time period 5pm-6pm.

if i had start time 2am and endtime 7pm and i booked an event for 10am-11am it will display it in the 12am-1pm time slot.

Any ideas of what properties i need to change ?

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
12 years ago.

This looks like a bug. You can try playing with DayBeginsHour property (in addition to BusinessBeginsHour). This is is the only thing that could help before it's fixed.

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