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Scheduler - EventResize issue (IE9)

Asked by tcomer
9 years ago.


I'm having an issue with resizing events on the Scheduler and I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

Problematic Event= 10:45AM - 13:45PM

When I try to move EventStart from 10:45AM to 11AM nothing happens; it stays at 10:45AM. Moving the EventStart from 10:45AM to 11:15AM works correctly. However, when I move EventStart from 11:15 to 11AM the EventStart jumps to 10:45AM and I'm back to square one. In the previous situation - when the initial DayPilotScheduler_EventResize event fires on the server e.NewStart has a time value of 10:45AM instead of 11AM. I haven't yet been able to reproduce this issue in FireFox or Chrome, nor have I been able to reproduce the same issue on the current demo site. I'm currently using DayPilot.dll v7.1.2702.0. Could I possibly be missing something obvious?


Answer posted by tcomer
9 years ago.

I found what was causing this. The page had a Telerik control which was somehow causing this to happen. Removing all Telerik controls resolved the issue.

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