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Firefox 3.6.10 for Mac Context Menu Issue

Asked by Gary Emery
13 years ago.

We have discovered a bit of a problem with the context menu on Firefox 3.6.10 for the Mac.

This can be reproduced on the Live Demo on this site.

If you right click on a calendar cell, the context menu appears. If you hold down CTRL and click an Event the context menu appears. However, if you right click on an Event nothing happens.

This works fine on Firefox 3.6.10 for Windows, and all other major browsers we have tested, on both Windows and Mac. The issue seems to be specific to Firefox 3.6.10 on Mac (it also occurs on Firefox 4 Beta 6 for Mac)

Is there anything DayPilot can do to fix this?

Comment posted by Jay
13 years ago.

Well...I am using Windows and right click is not working, because index of the calendar control is greater than the menu so it is going to the backgroud. if I click in the right hand coner then I can see part of the manu.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.

Gary, I'm going to test DayPilot on Mac to check the issue.

Jay, Are you testing it with the Demo or with your own application? Neither of the calendar controls has a z-index defined. The z-index of the context menu can be set using ZIndex property.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.

I confirm the bug. There are indeed problems with the context menu in Firefox for Mac.

Comment posted by Gary Emery
13 years ago.

Do you have an ETA on a fix for this? I've had a look through the release notes of the recent releases and not noticed this one.


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