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Event Creation in dayPilot Pro

Asked by Sandy
10 years ago.

Hello Everybody, I am trying to create events in DayPilot Pro Demo but I am not able to create that as I can in "DayPilotLite". In DayPilotLite we can go to a new page when we click on TimeCell

We are having this code mentioned in DayPilotLite For Mvc Demo

TimeRangeSelectedJavaScript = "createEvent(start, end)",

and this mentioned in Scripts
function createEvent(start, end, resource) {

modal().showUrl("@Url.Content("~/Dialog/New")?start=" + start.toStringSortable() + "&end=" + end.toStringSortable());

But this is not available in dayPilot Pro.

I added it by my self but I did not find any change.

Please help me regarding this issue.

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