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Setting z-index of DayPilot Calendar

Asked by Piyush
14 years ago.
How do I set the z-index of the DayPilot Calendar? Actually I have a DatePicker Control placed above Calendar control. When a image of DatePicker is clicked, it opens the IFrame. The problem is that the IFrame is hidden behind the DayPilot control. How can I send the DayPilot back?

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.
DayPilotCalendar itself has no z-index specified (only certain objects, like the moving shadow and the bubble).

You can try the following:
  • Put DayPilotCalendar inside a <div> element with z-index specified.
  • Render your date picker after DayPilot - i.e. have DayPilotCalendar before the date picker in the .aspx file (you would have to arrange the visual order using positioned <div> elements).
However, it's strange that iframe renders behind DayPilotCalendar. There is a known bug of IE (ie z-index bug) and one of the workarounds uses iframe to fix it.
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