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Change actual date to "Day 1" for shift cycle

Asked by WABez
5 years ago.

Is it possible to change the actual date in the header, e.g. 02/16/2017 to "Day 1", "Day 2", etc.? This is useful when doing/showing shift cycles where a date is not relevant (dates are assigned later once a shift cycle is established).

So a shift cycle would therefore look something like you have here: (scroll down to "shifts"), but instead, displaying "Day 1".... "Day x" of the shift cycle), and the shift cycle "planning" would look something like (for example for a 3 x 6, 8 hour shift cycle):

______Day 1__Day 2__Day 3__Day 4__Day 5__Day 6
Shift 1: _On____On_____On____On____Off____Off
Shift 2: _Off____Off_____On____On____On____On
Shift 3: _On____On_____Off____Off____On____On

Or does a shift cycle "planning" option exist in DayPilot scheduler?

Thanks in advance.

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