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how to set tool tip for daypilot-calender

Asked by Anonymous
4 years ago.

Hi I am using day pilot calendar open source which is taken from this link

I want to set the tool tip for this day pilot calendar. I don't know how to set this can you solve my issue.


Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
4 years ago.

The event tooltip is enabled by default (ShowToolTip property is set to true). The default tooltip uses the event text (loaded from the field specified using DataTextField).

You can also customize it using BeforeEventRender event handler (just set e.ToolTip as needed).

See also:

Comment posted by Anonymous
4 years ago.

Inside the

$scope.weekConfig = {
visible: true,
viewType: "Week",
businessBeginsHour: 9,
businessEndsHour: 17,
ShowToolTip :true,
eventMoveHandling: "Disabled",

i have initialized but it is not showing

and also i initialized inside

onBeforeEventRender: function(args) {
if ( && === "important"){ = true; = "red";

this also not working

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