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How to set dates in X-Axis and resources in Y-Axis

Answered: You can use the Calendar in resources mode:

Display additional header column over multiple dates

Answered: You can add custom elements to the time header using active areas (demo): You can either create a special row for this bar or add it to an existing row.

Make editable cell in rowHeaderColumn when double click

Answered: The Scheduler supports inline editing of the row header. However, you can only edit the first row header column at the moment:

Create custom column with DayPilot scheduler in angular 12

Answered: Please take a look at the following tutorial: It uses a context menu to show/hide individual row header colum...

inlineEdit is not accessible from originalEvent after updating daypilot from 2019 to 2021

Answered: In older DayPilot versions (including 2019 versions), the event handler object (args) was not typed (type any). The args.originalEvent holds a MouseEvent object (unmodified event object from the clic...

OnEventMove waiting on modal response -- cancel response breaks scheduler

Answered: By calling setTimeout() in onEventMove you create a new JavaScript message that will be processed later as the JavaScript event loop continues (see also

Date wise Header but data rows breaks into two lines.

Answered: Thank you for posting the screenshot:

daypilot print() Chrome not working

Answered: Workaround found. By creating a fake (hidden) iFrame and exporting the daypilot calendar to an image, you can place the image in the iframe and print the iframe. Like so: $("#print-button").click(fun...

Non-reproducible problems with converting some "YYYY-MM-DD" date strings to DayPilot.Date

Answered: The following object: { "Global": {...}, "isKhtml": true, "isIE": false, "isIEQuirks": false, "browser": {...}, "libs": {...}, "touch": {...}, "Stats": {...}, "Util": {...}, "Areas": {......

load data based on dropdown list

Answered: Please see my answer here:

How to refresh gannt chart based on dropdown values

Answered: The following tutorial includes a project that displays a drop-down list with locations: When a user selects an item...

Event Links show bubbleHTML on hoverOver on arrow part

Answered: Unfortunately, the bubble for event links is not implemented at the moment.

something went wrong whith my modal (edit an appointment slot)

please i need help, the modal 'Edit appointment slot' works well just the status and the name and the button 'save' :/ i dunno why? and also i wanna ask about the documentation they said: "As soon as...

the status and the user's name in the Edit appointment slot doesn't appear!

please i need help, the modal 'Edit appointment slot' works well just the status and the name and the button 'save' :/ i dunno why? and also i wanna ask about the documentation they said: "As soon as...

How do I make my DayPilot Month Calendar to be Read Only in Asp.Net MVC?

Answered: You can make it read-only by disabling the drag and drop actions one by one: @Html.DayPilotMonth("dpm", new DayPilotMonthConfig { BackendUrl = Url.Content("~/Home/Backend"), EventMoveHandlin...

Keep expanded/Collapsed state after a postback Daypilot Gantt

Answered: If you set StoreTasksInViewState="true" the current state of the whole task hierarchy will be saved in the ViewState and it will be available on the server side during PostBacks.

Daypilot C# Get Selected Day

Hi, I am building a master rota using Daypilot. I only care about Monday -Sunday. I don't care about DATES, just DAYS. E.G a shift created on a Monday between 2-4 will be there every Monday between 2...

Daypilot - change start day of the week

Answered: The first day of week is determined by the Calendar locale. The default locale is "en-us" which uses Sunday as the first day of week. You can switch to one of the predefined locales (https://api.dayp...

Uncaught String expected Error when export shceduler to jpeg

Answered: Please see a related question:

how to set tool tip for daypilot-calender

Answered: The event tooltip is enabled by default (ShowToolTip property is set to true). The default tooltip uses the event text (loaded from the field specified using DataTextField). You can also customize it...

How to change the Date and time position in Daypilot calender

I want to change the Date and time position of Daypilot calender from horizontal to vertical. here is the link: Thanks

check Daypilot is open source or not?

Answered: There are two versions of DayPilot: DayPilot Lite (open-source) DayPilot Pro (commercial) This tutorial (https://code.daypil...

Context Menu positioning issue after scrolling

Answered: This should be already fixed in the latest version of DayPilot Pro on all platforms. Please let me know if the problem persists.

how to get Entire week total hours using daypilot scheduler

Hi I am new to Day Pilot Scheduler. I have referred this link here this link has both javascript (angularjs) and PHP for me...

Javascript Date To Daypilot Date Conversion

Answered: The constructor has a second parameter which lets you specify whether to use the GMT base or local representation of Date object. This call will use the local representation: var local = new DayPil...

DayPilot > Scheduler > Printing - results in blank page

Answered: OK. Finally got this to work. this was my final version: var image = this.$scope.dps.scheduler.exportAs("SVG" ,{ area: "range", dateFrom: this.formatDate(fromDate), dateTo: this.formatDate(toDate), q...

dp.scrollTo is giving performance issue on IE browser

Answered: Hi Devendra, Have you seen this thread? The latest Angular 2 version (2.3+) degrades Scheduler performanc...

Scheduler for MVC 5 demo

Answered: The download package includes binaries for MVC3, MVC4 and MVC5. The demo that is included is configured to run with MVC4. You can switch the demo to work with MVC5 (updating the references and

Error with attribut "cellgroupby" And "scale"

Answered: It looks like you are using the Lite (open-source) version that doesn't support these features. See also the "Availability" table at the bottom of the documentation pages:

Events Not Loading: Customized Work Week View

Hi, When we use Viewtype="resource" customized work week grid is displayed but events are not binding. If I remove Viewtype="resource", single day displayed and event also displayed.
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