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Linked events assigned on one resource overlapping

Asked by Vane
1 year ago.

Dear Dan,

I need your help in the following scenario:

I have two events linked with arrow(which represent a driving route with start time and end time) and they are assigned on one resource, then I have another two events linked with arrow (another driving route) assigned to the same resource and then the link-arrows are overlapping and crossing through the events in one case and twisting in the other case when the end tame of both driving routes are same (see attached print-screens).

Is it possible to accomplish 'stacked' representation of the 'driving routes' when they are assigned on same resource, which means they are drawn one above another, something as in the attached 'wanted positioning.png' print-screen?

thank you in advance,
Vane Spasov

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
1 year ago.

Hi Vane,

Unfortunately there is no built-in way to do this using a simple switch.

There are couple of options that may help, depending on your scenario:

1. You can define custom sort order for overlapping events ( However, the events are always ordered from the top and there is no way to display it at position 2 if there is no other event.

2. You can create a special row for these two events. The extra rows can be hidden if there is no event (see

3. You can show the events as a single item and split it visually into segments (see and

Comment posted by Vane
1 year ago.

Dear Dan,
Thank you for your response and guidance. It's much appreciated. We managed to solve our issue by adding areas into the DayPilot event as you suggested in point 3 above.

best regards,

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