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General Design

Asked by Niall
16 years ago.
Hi all, i am impressed with the functionality of the DayPilot and am interested in seeing if it could do what i require of it. From the demo page im not sure if it can....

Basically i have at the backend three tables. resources, tasks, bookings. resources are ppl. tasks are services for clients. booking is the time when a resource/s will be assigned to a task.

Is it possible to use the scheduler to represent this information.

Is this enough info? or is more required?

Just need to know it this would be possible and if it is how much of a fit would this control be for the problem?

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
16 years ago.
Hi Niall. This is one of the typical scenarios DayPilot can be used for.

The exact implementation will depend on your business logic (Can be multiple resources assigned to a single task? Can they be assigned for the same time or for different types?).

The basic data elements DayPilotScheduler is using are:
  • Resources (each having a name and an id)
  • Events (each having a name, id, assigned resource id, and custom properties)
DayPilot can be used to show (technically, these might be the same views but fed with different data):
  • a list of resources available in a given time range (free/busy scenario) - limit the resources visible and provide dummy or no event names
  • a list of resources assigned to a given task - provide the resources that are linked to a task
  • schedule of all resources in time - all tasks of all resources
  • a schedule of a given resources (DayPilotCalendar control, classical Outlook-like view)
The resource assignment itself can be done in one of the following way (among others):
  • Just a plain DropDownList selection/CheckBoxGroup, etc.
  • Using DayPilotScheduler where the first resources shows all unassigned tasks (you assign it by moving it to a certain resources row)
  • Using a separate list of tasks a dragging them to the scheduler (available soon, see Drag&drop from an external source feature in DayPilot Pro 4.1 specification)
That's just an outline of some possible applications. If you have specific needs, I'll be happy to discuss them with you.
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