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All day events broken

Asked by Dan
12 years ago.
I am trying to use the DayPilot Pro control on my company's site, and I seem to be having a couple of major display issues, mostly with All day events.

Whenever I render a calendar with an all day event, the headers of the calendar become too big and expand above the date labels. I've tried setting the All Day Header size, but that does not fix the issue. When I have all day events display set to false, this issue goes away, but if I need to show all day events this fix won't work.

My other problem is a white bar that appears at the top of the viewing window. It seems to be displaying over top of the very first time slot for a day (the 12am slot). From the looks of how events are rendered on the control, the white bar is pushing the time labels (on the left column where the times are displayed) down one slot, and just covering up the very top time slot. This causes events to be displayed one half-hour off from their actual time.

I've attached a link to a screenshot of the rendering issues I'm having. The only height setting I have on the control is for CellHeight, which is required to make the days align properly with the hours. This does not correct the time, it just aligns the rows so that it looks right.

Notice the times on the events do not match with the times in the left hand side.

This bug happens in both IE7 and Firefox 3. My site uses a reset.css which sets padding, margin, borders and other properties to their baseline (usually zero) to ensure similar rendering across browsers. I'd imagine this has smething to do with it, but I don't know why setting things to no margin or padding would give things extra.
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
12 years ago.
I did a test with reset.css in IE7 and FF2. It didn't reproduce the problem you describe. I will give it a try with FF3 soon.
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
12 years ago.
Do you use any other styles on your page?

DayPilot should be immune to global CSS settings but it seems there is a bug somewhere...
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