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Client-side speed issues (DayPilot Pro 4.9)

Asked by Brandon Crossley
14 years ago.


I have implemented a resource scheduler, and am experiencing prohibitive client-side load times. The control has <100 resources, and is loading <1000 events in total, yet the control takes over 60 seconds to load (on a 2ghz machine with 2gb ram, and IE 7).

I have added lots of styling/formatting attributes to each cell, and as a result the resultant HTML is nearly 2MB (when saved to a text file).I am quite certain based on my testing that the bottleneck is the web browser drawing the screen. Is there any way to optimize the control (or the usage of the control) to improve the web browser drawing speed? (ie: is there any way to use .css classes instead of style attributes?)

Thanks in advance,

Brandon Crossley

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.
Hi Brandon, I'm reposting what I replied to you by e-mail:

After adding the vertical scrollbar feature, customers started to use DayPilotScheduler for showing large data sets (20+ resources, hundreds of events). The fact is that DPS was not really built for such scenarios. It renders a single table with all time cells and all events at once. With the increasing number of background cells the rendering is getting slower and slower.

The solutions available in the following 6 months will be the following:

1. DayPilotScheduler
- DPSD will be able to show overlapping events in the same way as DPS is
- missing features will be added (all BeforeXRender events etc.)
- DPSD will be enhanced with data caching (event/cell data will be optionally loaded in larger chunks - larger than the current viewport - and cached on the client side to save server roundtrips).

The time frame is 1-2 months (part of the features will be released in September release, the rest in October release).

2. Silverlight version
- DPSD ported to Silverlight

The timeframe here is 6 months (by the end of 2008).
Comment posted by Stefan Daelemans
13 years ago.


We have purchased the Day Pilot Pro control and we are using it in one of our projects. We have over 70 resources and about 500 events we want to bind to the control, but when we do that the control takes about 20 seconds on a fast computer to render after codebehind databind on the server. For custumer experience this is unacceptable. Do you have any tips to speed up this proces? We are using the most recent version.

Thanks in advance,
Stefan Daelemans.
Software Developer Mateum Netherlands.

Answer posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.

The DayPilot Scheduler loading time will be addressed in 5.7 release. It will cover the following:

  • Header rendering speed. That is the main bottleneck now when you use a lot of resources. In Firefox it seems to render reasonably but IE gets slow. Both the time and resource headers will be rendered on demand (during scrolling).
  • On-demand loading. The on-demand event loading feature of the Dynamic Scheduler will be backported to the Scheduler. That will allow the events to be loaded from the server just in time.

This will improve the raw rendering time.

Meanwhile, you can apply the following general tips:

  • Try to reduce the amount of visible resources by using the resource tree. The tree children nodes can be loaded on-demand.
  • Try to reduce the amount of visible resources by using a drop-down filter as shown in the hotel room booking tutorial.
  • Turn off the ViewState for the control (EnableViewState="false"). This will not improve the rendering speed but it will reduce the data transferred with PostBacks/CallBacks.
Comment posted by Stefan Daelemans
13 years ago.

Thanks for your reply. I've noticed that the control only gets slow when I bind many events to it. The number of resources doesn't seem to make a difference. Is there any way how I can improve speed when adding 200-300 events to the control? Any hints/tips where we should look in the sourcecode and perhaps make adjustments?

Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance,

Stefan Daelemans.
Mateum Netherlands.

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