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Events rendering very slowly on DP Calendar

Asked by Andrew
10 years ago.

Our company is using your calendar control for ASP.NET to show and schedule events. We have several events that we have to schedule on a given week (greater than 100), and we noticed that once the no. of events is more than 30 on week, the calendar is VERY slow to load. For example it took around 6 minutes to load a week with 50 events.

We have done lots of testing and R&D and we think its slow to render because of the time it takes to bind the events to the calendar control.

I have spent many days and weeks trying to find some solution in your forums, tutorials and knowledge base to see if this issue has been addressed somewhere, or if other people were facing similar performance problems. I know the Scheduler control has a lot of info on making rendering faster, i.e. the DynamicEventRendering property etc, but I have not found anything like this for the calendar control. Any help, insight/wisdom on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Comment posted by Andrew
10 years ago.

I tested the loading time, and its not the problem (its a matter of milliseconds to fetch events from the DB). I think the problem is with binding events to calendar and rendering them.

Comment posted by Steve M.
10 years ago.

I've noticed some rendering time frames when loading 100+ events for a single day, but nothing like them 6 minutes you're getting. Can you post your ASPX + codebehind, or the Razor + controller code?

It would also help to know the specs and concurrent load of the webserver (ie: PerfMon stats), and the browser (and version) you reproduced this with.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
10 years ago.


Can you please record the network traffic + profile the cleint-side code as described here?

I would expect it to take 6 minutes only in case the server sends tens of megabytes of data during the update.

Answer posted by Andrew
10 years ago.

Hi Dan,
I think I found a possible reason why the calendar was so slow to load. I had a OnBeforeEventRender method to apply a color code each event, and that is why the rendering time was so long. Now instead of 6 minutes, it takes about 6 seconds to load a week of 100+ events.

I'm gonna try to only bind events that are in the selected week, that way I can still render color coded events and the rendering time is not so bad as before.

Thanks for your tip about using the Network Traffic tool in IE. Helped a lot when I was testing out different scenarios.

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