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Performance issue

Asked by Boris Civcic
1 year ago.

Hello, we have problem with performance. We figure it out, if we add custom config it's more slower than we expect.
The main problem we have with this config:

    // progressiveRowRenderingPreload: 5,
    // dynamicEventRenderingMarginY: 300,
    // dynamicEventRenderingCacheSweeping: true,

If we enable this part a lot of problem from our side
We just want to try with better optimization. Because we have problem with loading other stuff on the page with Daypilot.
Could you please help us with default config params. We want to know what is the best solution.

Please take a look at the attached screenshots.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
1 year ago.

Can you please specify what exactly you feel doesn't perform well (initial loading, scrolling, updates...)?

I also recommend reviewing the following document - it lists some basic hints related to performance:

Comment posted by Elias
1 year ago.


The issue that we have is that the progressiveRowRendering is not working, it loads all the cells for our ressources (200+) at once, even if we set the progressiveRowRendering = true.

We tried different heightSpec : Fixed, Max, auto, nothing is changing, still not getting the progressiveRowRendering.

Comment posted by Elias
1 year ago.

Here you can see all our props:

Here is a little gif, showing that everything is preloaded: White & grey cell backgrounds, what I expect it to do is to flicker for a short moment before rendering the cells:

The progressive event rendering is working, you can see that the events take a small moment to render.

Also another proof of the issue is that when we are in a month view, opening a modal is slow about 0.5 - 1 sec, while in week view it's instant, which is normal, about 4 times less cells to render

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
1 year ago.

Thanks for the update.

To detect that a row has been rendered, you can use onBeforeRowHeaderRender event:

You can also increase the debouncing delays to visualize the rendering of rows and cells:

By default, both these properties use a value of 0, which means the cells and row headers are rendered synchronously. If the content is heavy, this may affect performance.

1. Try using very high values (e.g. 1000) temporarily to see which cells are rendered in advance.
2. In the next phase, try lower values (according to and see what works best for your scenario.
3. Try turning off the row header width auto-fit ( This is a convenient but very expensive feature.

I assume that the modal dialog (onEventClick) delay is related to this question:

I recommend following the advice from that question to prevent the Scheduler component update.

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