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Displaying events on calendar

Asked by Brad
11 years ago.

I have created a weekly calendar to display our events. It works great for most of our users, but we have a problem we can't seem to get past. We have several events (so far 7) that occur at the same time at least 2 days a week. Part of our users need to be able to look a the entire weekly calendar on one page. Some of the weekly calendars currently would be about 5 pages wide if printed.

Is it possible to make the events that occur at the same time display horizontally (one below the other) instead of vertically (side by side) to save space? Is this option available in the pro edition? DayPilot is great and meets almost all of our needs, but if we can't solve this issue we will have to look elseware to creat the calendars, which is something I do not want to do.


Comment posted by Dan Letecky
11 years ago.

I believe it would be better to use the DayPilotScheduler control for your use case. DPS stacks the events vertically so there is never a problem with readability (the line height streches automatically).

See the following demo pages:

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