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ToolTip text and Appt Description

Asked by Alec
12 years ago.

Hi, just like to firstly say what a nice component this is to use.

Ok, my question: Is it possible to allow a different data binding field for the ToolTip value for each appointment entry rather than it using the same as the apointment description?

I would like to use HTML breaks in the appointment description, but carriage return(enum: vbCrLf)for the tooltip, so that the displayed text format is consistent in the display of line wrapping.

For example, using the HTML break code for the appointment description gives nice wrapping in the booking entry, but the HTML code shows up in the tooltip (<br />). Switching to using vbCrLf instead gives nice line wrapping in the tooltip, but no wrapping at all in the actual calendar entry.

I am doing without ToolTip altogether for now, but it would be nice to enable this feature.


Comment posted by Simon
11 years ago.

I modified the renderEvent method in DayPilotCalendar.cs line 548


output.AddAttribute("title", displayText);


output.AddAttribute("title", displayText.Replace("<br>", "\n"));

With this fix the text shown in the appointment description has breaks as defined by the "<br>" and these are converted to "\n" for the tool tip text. Brutal maybe, but it works.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
11 years ago.

Simon, thanks for posting your solution!

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