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Event Resizing Validation - Do not allow event overlapping even when "allowEventOverlap=true"

Asked by Renato
1 month ago.

Hi, I’m trying to do a scheduler in react where when I move an event to another one instead of overlapping it switches them and that is working great! But now I have a problem where if 2 events are in the same row and I resize one to be overlapping the other it allows me to do it, and I wanna prevent that from happening.

I tried using “onEventResizing” but I’m not being able to code it in a way that works can you help me?

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
1 month ago.

You can do it like this:

onEventResizing: args => {
    const row = dp.rows.find(args.e.resource());
    const events =, args.end).filter(e => !==;
    if (events.length > 0) {
        args.allowed = false;
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