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Daypilot React- Make left click work the same as right click

Answered: The time range selection always stays active, until you call clearSelection() or update the calendar. You might want to check your onTimeRangeSelect/onTimeRangeSelected handlers.

Daypilot React Scheduler - Row Header Customization with multiple columns

Answered: Unfortunately, custom React components in multiple row header columns are not supported at the moment. Until it is available, you can try using row header active areas to show the icons.

Put a Swap button on the context menu

Answered: Please take a look at the following tutorial: JavaScript Scheduler: Swap Events using Context Menu

DayPilot React: When Event is moved I wanna ask a question if they are sure they wanna move it

Answered: Yes, you can find an example in the documentation for event moving: onEventMove: async (args) => { args.async = true; const modal = await DayPilot.Modal.confirm("Do you really want to move this...

Event Resizing Validation - Do not allow event overlapping even when "allowEventOverlap=true"

Answered: You can do it like this: onEventResizing: args => { const row = dp.rows.find(args.e.resource()); const events =, args.end).filter(e => !==

How to change the time frame to span from 9 AM to 9 PM only (React Scheduler)

Answered: If you use scale: "Hour", which displays one hour per cell, you can hide the non-business hours using the built-in mechanism. React example: import React, { useState } from 'react'; import { DayPilo...

Task time selection may get wrong then How to reselect it ,by deleting before task time in UI. And how to save it in server and local storage as data.

Hey!! Thanks for kind help by providing this doc. I have to customize it for purpose of self learning. Hope forums gonna help me out for this. Recently ,I have doubt which I posted “Task time selecti...


Answered: It is only available as a package. You can find the pricing details at the Buy page ( If you have any questions regarding licensing or if you need a PDF quote, p...
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