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Fixed height for row (css override) ?

Asked by Adrian-Ionel Corduneanu
8 years ago.


with Daypilot Scheduler < 7.0 is it possible to adjust the row height manually (maybe with some css overrides) to a fixed height ?

In my specific case I need to limit the rows displayed for a resource to exactly one row not more, also if events are overlapping.
I already found out how to arrange overlapping events into one single row by using some javascript after the calendar has been rendered but i could not find out how to fix the row height which stays on 2 or more rows after that.

Thank you !"

Sorry that I add my answer like this but there is a way to do what you want.
in scheduler.js you need to add few lines of code:
* in the _drawEvent function, after checking if dp is different of cssOnly add next lines:
if (data.part.line > 0&&this.displayeventsincascade)
{ * 6))+'px'; -> 6 is my event overlapping top = (1 - data.part.line * 0.15); -> 0.15 my opacity loose for each lv = "alpha(opacity=" +Number((1 - data.part.line * 0.15) * 10) + ")"; -> IE pollyfill for opacity

* in _loadResourceChildren function, internal row.height add next lines instead the existing return
if (!calendar.displayeventsincascade)
return (height > this.MinHeight) ? height : this.MinHeight; //this was the original line
return this.MinHeight;

* and on the scheduler property list from same file add next line
this.displayeventsincascade = true;

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