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Event moving and resizing ....getting away with snap to grid

Asked by Kedar
14 years ago.


Thanks for the excellent work you are doing. Keep it up...

Now straight to the issue. While moving or resizing events, they always snap to the grid. Can we move or resize the events without them snapping to the grid, especially in daypilot schedular?

e.g. The grid is displaying hours splitted into 15 mins interval. I would like to move an event from 10:45~11:15 to 10:53~11:23 Currently when I try to do this, it moves directly to 11:00~11:30.

Similar case is happening for resizing.

Also, while moving the event, can we restrict horizontal or vertical move by detecting the shift/Ctrl key pressed while moving? e.g. Shift+move will allow movement only in vertical axis.

I am specifically interested in these features with respect to daypilot schedular....

Thanks once again....

Comment posted by Jeremy
14 years ago.

I'm actually seeing the oppositie behavior...though I want the behaivior you're describing :-)I have a scheduler that the CellDuration is set to 15 minutes. Using drag and drop I try to move a 10:30 - 10:45 event to 11:30 - 11:45 and the e.NewStart value in theEventMove eventis too precise. It will return something like 11:32:18. Is there a setting to get drag and drops to "snap-to-grid" so that you get a nice even time when using drag and drop? Or is it up tothe developerto correct the time programnatically...

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.

Actually, upon request from Kedar, I've added an option to turn off snap-to-grid behavior. By mistake, it was turned off for everybody in DayPilot Pro 5.1 SP2 (and hardcoded). This is now fixed: DayPilot Pro 5.2 introduces a new SnapToGrid property which is set to true by default.

Sorry for the confusion!

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