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Everybody's work'n for the weekend

Asked by Chip
13 years ago.

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to say thanks for the CssClass added to beforeeventrender. Works great. I'd also like to mention the client side render and scrollis now much faster. Thanks for that too.

I'd like to request another feature for the scheduler. Could you make weekends optional? That would help me out a great deal.

I'd also like to register a vote for (F11) Overlap protection feature for scheduler.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.

Thanks for your input!

Weekends hiding is implemented in the DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler: Hiding non-business hours. I will probably backport it to the Scheduler but it's quite a piece of code so please be patient.

I was already experimenting with F11 but there were some problems with cursor changing (indicating that the target is not allowed). I will probably join this feature with F-661 (marking cells as forbidden targets for move/resize/select).

Comment posted by Joshua
13 years ago.

Currently in the sandbox you have implemented hiding of non-busines hours in the scheduler. This hides hours outside of business start-end but also hides weekends. It would be awesome if these two features were not tied together.

I.e. You can hide non-business hours but still show weekends;possibly have an option to toggle weekends on/off. Many business', contractors on weekends.

Would it be difficult to separate these two features? For me at least, it defeats the purpose of changing work hours if I cannot have access to the weekend.

BTW (loving some of the backwards ported features of the dynamic scheduler to the scheduler).

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.

It will be completely customizable.

  1. By default, it hides weekends and hours outside the BusinessBeginsHour and BusinessEndsHour range.
  2. In BeforeTimeHeaderRender event handler, you can set Visible property for each column separately. Weekend columns are marked Visible = false but you can change it easily.
Comment posted by Anonymous
11 years ago.

Is it possible to put an example for display week end ?

Comment posted by Anonymous
10 years ago.

OK So I set Visible = true. But the cells are still showing as my non-business hours color.
There has to be an easier way!

protected override void OnBeforeTimeHeaderRender(BeforeTimeHeaderRenderArgs e)
if (e.Visible == false && e.Start.Hour > BusinessBeginsHour && e.End.Hour < BusinessEndsHour)
{ // show weekend days
e.Visible = true;

Comment posted by Anonymous
10 years ago.

OK So I got it to work. But, like I said there has to be an easier way!

In the OnBeforeCellRender(BeforeCellRenderArgs e) function I had to set e.IsBusiness = true;

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