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Tag is not Working in Day pilot Calender on DayPilotBubble1_RenderContent

Asked by Anonymous
13 years ago.

i am not able to see the re. Tag Property on Render Content

on i can See my Code is That Is in .Net

protected void DayPilotBubble1_RenderContent(object sender, RenderEventArgs e)

//if (e is RenderEventBubbleEventArgs)
// RenderEventBubbleEventArgs re = e as RenderEventBubbleEventArgs;
// StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
// sb.AppendFormat("<b>{0}</b><br />", re.Value);
// // sb.AppendFormat("Start: {0}<br />");
// // sb.AppendFormat("End: {0}<br />");
// // sb.AppendFormat("<br />");
// sb.AppendFormat("<b>Double-click the event to enter inline edit mode.</b>");
// //re.InnerHTML = "<b>Event details</b><br />Here is the right place to show details about the event with ID: " + re.Value + ". This text is loaded dynamically from the server.<br/>";
// re.InnerHTML = sb.ToString();

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