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How to set DayPilot calendar DayBeginsHour and DayBeginsHour dynamically

Answered: Not all properties are synchronized during the CallBack update - forcing the full update using DayPilotCalendar1.Update(CallBackUpdateType.Full) doesn't help. 1. You can place the Calendar control in...

DayPilot Scheduler multiple resources binding

I''m new to Daypilot scheduler. please let me know how to add multiple resources with different resource types and binding those with timeline. I can add only one id reference in following propeties ...

How to Enable the Saturday & Sunday in DayPilot Pro 7.1.2741

i'm using DayPilot Pro 7.1.2741 Trial,it will shows only Monday to Friday. I want saturday and sunday also,so pls help how to enable the days....?
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