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Business DAYS

Answered: You can use someting like this (using the options syntax): const calendar = new DayPilot.Calendar("dp", { onBeforeCellRender: args => { const nonBusinessDays = [4, 5, 6, 0]; if (no...

How to display day, week, month and year view on selection of user choice?

Answered: The best way is to add one control for each of the views (day/week/month) and hide all except of one. 1. You can do this by simply wrapping them in a div with style="display:none" and change this pro...

How to Enable the Saturday & Sunday in DayPilot Pro 7.1.2741

i'm using DayPilot Pro 7.1.2741 Trial,it will shows only Monday to Friday. I want saturday and sunday also,so pls help how to enable the days....?
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