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Bug in Calendar withTimeHeaderCellDuration?

Asked by Paul
10 years ago.

We are observing a likely bug in DayPilotPro-7.1.2730 with TimeHeaderCellDuration. If the TimeHeaderCellDuration doesn't divide evenly into the Calendar Display time range when you have it limited then a js error occurs and no cells are rendered. I presume that this is caused by the partial time range not being handled.

To reproduce:
CellDuration = 20
TimeHeaderCellDuration = 40
BusinessBeginsHour = 8
BusinessEndsHour = 17

This will cause the following js error and no cells will be rendered: TypeError: this.hours[i + this.autoHiddenHours()] is undefined

Changing BusinessEndsHour to 18 will fix the problem. As would changing BusinessBeginsHour to 7.

I haven't verified this, but I'd guess that if you had DayBeginsHour and DayEndsHour set in a similar manner as above, plus Enums.HeightSpecEnum.Fixed, that this would also cause the same problem.

Comment posted by Paul
9 years ago.

Just wondering if there is an update on this issue?

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
9 years ago.

The TimeHeaderCellDuration only accepts values that divide 60 without a remainder. There is a check missing, 40 should not be allowed.

If you want to show custom time slots I recommend using the mapping technique demonstrated in the Timetable tutorial:

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