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Scheduler Event Title Always Visible

Asked by Anthony
7 years ago.

Hoping someone out there can help answer if and how our request is possible. We are using the DP Pro Scheduler to show a multitude of events at the hourly level. Some events are only an hour, some are several days. The issue we have is that the event text/title is always at the far left side of the event bar. So as you scroll to the right, forward in time, long running events simply show up as bars without any indication as to what that event is. The user then needs to hover over each event or scroll back to the left to see event title. So the event bar is visible but NOT the title:

|----------- Scheduler Total Timeframe -------------------|
|------------------|<View Port>|----------------------------|
|----|<Loooong Event> |------------------------------------|
|----|Evt Title -----------|------------------------------------|

Is there a way to have the Event Title for a long running event always at the left border of the viewport? Obviously, if the event’s timeframe is not in the view port we would not want to see that event title anymore. So we would have something like this:

|----------- Scheduler Total Timeframe --------------------|
|------------------|<View Port>|------------------------------|
|----|<Loooong Event> |----------------------------------|
|----|--------------Evt Title |----------------------------------|

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