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Scheduler resource bug + width settings in percentage?

Asked by Jan Marten
16 years ago.

1) Resource tooltip bug?
When adding resources in a scheduler I want to add a hyperlink to the Name property. This works by setting the resource.Name to "<a href="link">name</a>". But this value is also represented as tooltip (the HTML pops under the cursor as a tooltip). Even when setting the resource.ToolTip property (which doesn't do anything?). I may assume that this is bug?

2) Width of the scheduler
Is it possible to fill the screen completely with the scheduler? Entering a percentage into the width property is not the correct sollution. I just want to let it grow automagically to the user screen width (eg 95% of the available space or so).

Kind regards.
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
16 years ago.
1) Yes, there is a bug that causes that Resource.ToolTip property isn't used for rendering.

2) This is a known limitation. IE has a bug that prevents a <div> element that uses overflow:auto to have width:100% of the parent element. Unless I find a way around this it will not be possible to specify the width of DayPilotScheduler in percent. I will probably hook window.onresize event and resize the scheduler using JavaScript after window resize but I still have some problems with this solution.

However, I know that being able to set the scheduler width in percent is necessary and I would like to resolve it as soon as possible.
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
16 years ago.
The bug #1 will be fixed in 4.2 release. If you need it sooner, please write to daypilot @ and I will send you a private build.
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