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DayPilotBubble OnRenderCellBubble throws "Unable to parse DateTime: Nan..." error

Asked by Anonymous
12 years ago.

I'm evaluating DayPilotCalendar for a project I'm working on and am getting this error when attempting to show a tool tip on "Background Cells" using the DayPilotBubble. This error shows up as a javascript alert in my browser before the server event is ever fired:

Unable to parse DateTime: 'NaN-NaN-NaNTNaN:NaN:NaN'.80|/wEWCQKGq7mMBgKAloXfCgLlwtnWAgL1jJ20BgLXoJ34BQLG0dmQDwKTpK++DwK9mr3vAwLUipHaCQ==

Here is how I've configured the DayPilotBubble:

Width="400" >

The error occurs before my OnRenderCellBubble server event is called: cellBubble_RenderCellBubble. Note that OnRenderResourceBubble IS working as expected.

I'm using version 5.7.1890.1.

I am using the Calendar control in Resources mode but I am setting the Date property on the Column object when loading the columns (as noted in some previous posts).

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

FYI: I'm attempting to just display a tooltip with the Date/Time and possibly the column that the mouse is hovering in. This is because the user has a bunch of columns on a wide screen and it is a bit difficult for the user to know what time row that they are currently on. It would be great for me if the "CrossHair" functionality worked on the DayPilotCalendar control (like it does on the DayPilotScheduler control). Is there any other approach that might solve this requirement in the DayPilotCalendar?

- James

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
12 years ago.

That it indeed a bug. Thanks for reporting it! It will be fixed in the next release.

The crosshair for the Calendar control is a nice suggestion, I'm adding it to the plan for DayPilot Pro 5.9.

Answer posted by Dan Letecky
12 years ago.

The fix for this bug will be included in the 5.8 release.

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