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Send Email Reminders

Asked by Stephanie
8 years ago.

I know this question is not totally specific to the DayPilot calendar, but I am looking for a good place to start since all of our events are scheduled using DayPilot.

Our clients want to be able to schedule reminders based on events they have scheduled with their clients. These may be one-time events or recurring events. The one-time seem pretty straightforward, but for recurring events they only way to get the next instance and send a reminder is by doing it in a .NET page since we would have to expand the occurrences....

So what is the best approach or logic to do something like this. Any ideas welcome. Thanks!

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
8 years ago.

You need to load the events from the database and expand them using RecurrenceExpander class. You can do this outside of a page and outside of the ASP.NET context - e.g. in a standalone application run as a service.

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