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DayPilotCalendar - businessbeginshour and businessendshour functionality

Asked by mrplatypus (aka Dave)
7 years ago.

Hi Dan and Team,

In a previous posting:

I asked about the daypilotscheduler control and hiding times...

I've tried applying the same functionality to the DayPilotCalendar component but this doesn't work..

My question is, is this functionality available?

Please advise.


mrplatypus (aka Dave)

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
7 years ago.

In the Calendar, the mechanism is slightly different:

1. If you want to hide selected days (which are displayed as columns) you need to switch to ViewType="Resources" and generate the columns manually (skipping the hidden days).

See also:

2. You can also hide certain hours. They all need to be in a single block (i.e. 8pm - 9am) and it will apply to all columns.

2.a You can either HeightSpec="BusinessHoursNoScroll" which will hide hours defined using BusinessBeginsHour and BusinessEndsHour.

See also HideFreeCells property for reference:

2.b You can set the visible hours using DayBeginsHour and DayEndsHour properties. This option will let you specify an overnight shift (i.e. DayBeginsHour > DayEndsHour).

See also:

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