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Daypilot angular2 scheduler control takes time to render (compared to FF,chrome) - peformance issue

Asked by Anonymous
5 years ago.


Daypilot angular2 scheduler control is taking time to render the control on IE browser. Below is our configuration -

this.config = {
cellDuration: 15,
rowMinHeight: 40,
cellWidth: 25,
eventHeight: 25,
timeHeaders: [
{ groupBy: "Hour" },
{ groupBy: "Hour", height: 10 }
scale: "CellDuration", // scale determined by cellDuration value
days: 1,
startDate: new DayPilot.Date(),
autoScroll: "Always",
allowEventOverlap: false,
drawBlankCells: false,
//or when saving
showNonBusiness: true,
heightSpec: "Max",
height: 650,
width: "100%",
crosshairType: "Header",
floatingTimeHeaders: false,
timeRangeRightClickHandling: "Disabled",


Is there anything required to improve performance on IE browser?


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