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Move event

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Asked by Jason
3 years ago.

Hi there,

I found that my table reservation has a bug that when I try to move one event, all the other event will move as well. However, after I confirmed the action, those events will go back to their origin place, only my chosen one will be moved. It happens the same when I tried to resize the event. I haven't changed any codes related to OnEventMoved or onEventResized. Do you know why did this happen? Or any other areas might cause this issue.

Also I wanna know if I can move the event not just horizontally, but also vertically. If yes, how do I do that?


Comment posted by Jason
3 years ago.

By the way,I found that if there is only one event in the current page(don't have other events or other events are in the other place which I need to scroll the bar to see.) , everything works fine(can move vertically and horizontally and resize). However, if there is two or more events, then the bug will appear and unable to move vertically.

Answer posted by Jason
3 years ago.

Please ignore this question. I have found the issue, there is something wrong with my loadEvent function. The system requires array of objects(something likes [{123},{124}]), however I sent array of array([[123],[123]]). It is not affecting read data from it, so I didn't notice it at all.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
3 years ago.

Thanks for the update!

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