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Constrain Event moves in Scheduler to within Parent Resource?

Asked by Tony Dew
3 years ago.

I see that we can limit Event moves vertically or horizontally (, but is there a way to limit moves only to within rows contained in the Parent Resource?

For instance, given:

|_ Ballroom
|_ Boardroom
|_ Bedroom
|_ Jim
|_ Jenna
|_ Jerry

Can I limit an moving and Event booking a Person to just the Jim, Jenna or Jerry rows, and not allow that Event to be moved to schedule the Boardroom by mistake?

Answer posted by Tony Dew
3 years ago.

Oh, of course... after hours of searching docs, I find something mere seconds after asking. I'm assuming it will be handled in "Event Moving Customization" correct?

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
3 years ago.

Yes, exactly - thanks for posting the solution.

The onEventMoving event handler lets you implement custom rules and forbid the target position by setting args.allowed = false.

This will add "scheduler_default_shadow_forbidden" class to the position indicator (which makes it red by default).

This is different from the vertical/horizontal moving restriction ( or disabling parents ( where it is not possible to move the indicator to the disabled locations at all.

The docs page you mentioned ( is now updated to include links to other options.

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