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Main rows with background color opacity less than 1 don't get covered by fixed rows

Asked by Anonymous
26 days ago.

I have a use case where the cell background should be set to certain color with an opacity less than 1. In this case I discovered that these cells don't get covered by the fixed rows (top and bottom) as you can see in the attached screenshot.

You can reproduce the bug with this project (

If you set the opacity to FF or remove it completely, then it works.

    onBeforeCellRender: (args) => {
      args.cell.backColor = '#D3D3D366';

Best regards

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
26 days ago.

This is by design. The frozen rows are displayed on top of the main grid and if you use transparent background for the frozen row cells you'll see the underlying grid.

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